The Team

Lars Baugh

Lars brings sales executive experience to Lithic and serves as CEO. Lars obsesses over all things sustainable and nutritious, and lives a typical, Coloradoan lifestyle packed with action and adventure. A graduate from Eller, at the University of Arizona, Lars actively volunteers in the Denver community and works to progress American advocacy of insects as the apex of sustainable eating options.

Dave Baugh

Dave serves as Lithic’s COO, and is a Colorado native with an Operations Management degree from Leeds at the University of Colorado, Boulder. As a Marine Corps Officer veteran, he spent three of his roughly six years of service deployed throughout Asia; where he discovered edible insects and first developed the idea of creating Lithic to make insect protein accessible for Americans.

Eric Benman

As CSO, Eric brings both dynamic executive sales and strategic operations experience to Lithic. He’s always been passionate about eating healthy nutritious food and environmental conservation. These passions drew him to the edible insects industry and he’s been loving bugs ever since! Eric is a native of Michigan and a graduate from The Eli Broad College of Business, at Michigan State University.

Kelsey Vlamis

Kelsey is a writer, photographer and recipe developer, specializing in whole food based cooking and farm to table cuisine. From milking goats in Alaska to interviewing small-scale farmers nationwide, her work has given her a unique perspective on the many facets of food, and a true appreciation for the power of healthy food systems. When not rock climbing or exploring a new place, she can be found in her kitchen, where she takes her espresso neat, her oatmeal savory, and her crickets anyway and every way.

Stefan Rodriguez

Stefan Rodriguez is a creator of content. From photography, to video and graphic design, his eye for balance and composition is best satisfied when behind the lens of a camera. His self-taught skill in art is backed by a bachelor's degree in Communication Studies from Colorado State University, which aids in his love for marketing on social media platforms.


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