Pappardelle’s Cricket Tagliatelle Pasta: Made with Lithic Cricket Flour

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Lithic Foods - Cricket PastaLithic Foods - Cricket Pastacricket pasta nutritionLithic Foods - Cricket Pasta

40.5G PROTEIN PER PACKAGE: Pappardelle’s® Cricket Tagliatelle is packed with protein and hosts a robust micronutrient profile including Omega 3s, Fiber, Iron, Calcium, and Vitamin B2 and B12.

MADE WITH PURE CRICKET FLOUR (Acheta Domesticus): This pasta is uses Lithic® Cricket Flour, made from roasted, milled crickets. Acheta crickets are regarded internationally as the best tasting cricket species.

SAFE AND COMPLIANT: Our Colorado facility and partner facilities are FDA registered and practice HACCP, cGMP, and are FSMA compliant. Lithic’s crickets are raised specifically for consumption, just like any other food product.

100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: Lithic® is confident that you will be happy with the quality of our products and we stand behind every single item. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, return the product for a full refund.

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Product Description

  • Developed locally with Papardelles Pasta out of Denver, CO
  • Made with Lithic 100% Pure Cricket Flour
  • Complete BCAA profile
  • *Shellfish Allergy Warning: Crickets may cause an allergic reaction to those with an existing shellfish allergy.

Why Cricket Flour?

Your Paleolithic ancestors ate crickets long ago as a primary source of protein, and over 80% of countries worldwide still consume insects daily. The human body has grown accustomed to cricket protein over the millennia and can process it efficiently without any unnatural strain on your bodily functions caused by many other synthesized proteins. Cricket protein is a sustainable source of high quality protein that uses exponentially less water and energy to grow, while keeping it NATURAL. It’s naturally packed with micronutrients like calcium, iron, B-vitamins, fiber, and Omega Fatty Acids for superior nutrition. It’s better for the environment and better for you; it’s old school nutrition - modernized.

Using crickets has proven to be an impactful way to sustainably raise high-quality protein that uses exponentially less water, land, and food inputs than other traditional proteins. With an ever growing population and diminishing water supply, crickets have been identified by scientists and organizations worldwide as the definitive answer to meet the demands of our changing environment. Feel good about eating Lithic Cricket Powder and know you are helping reduce your carbon footprint.

About our Crickets: Our crickets (Acheta Domesticus) are fed a variety of all plant and veggie-based feed including rice, corn, coconut, pumpkin, and many other sustainable meals. Also known as "cricket flour," they are humanely frozen, boiled to pasteurize, then roasted and milled into a fine powder. Our crickets come from FDA registered facilities that practice GMPs and HACCP plans, and every batch is tested for human consumption. For more information, visit the "Q&A" section and learn about our partners!

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